Wind farm Rudet

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Wind farm Rudet is located in the municipality of Mariestad, east of the community Sjötorp.

The wind farm is partly located within one of the municipality's designated wind farm areas. Nature is varied and largely consists of production forest with elements of older forest and cultivated land. The proximity to Vänern and the rich bird fauna means that careful investigations of bird occurrence and migratory migration are carried out as well as bat mice inventories. Investigations of natural values, culture and archeology from both the considerations of experience and for scientific reasons also precede the application for permission.

The entire proposed project area has a good wind position and will be able to contribute well to the municipality's goal for renewable energy. The municipality is located within the electric area 3.


Authorization coordinator: Eva-Maria Arvidsson, Triventus Consulting AB (E-mail: Tel: + 46 10 45 40)

Environmental Manager: Staffan Johnson, VindIn AB (E-mail: )

Project manager: Christina Hillforth, VindIn AB (E-mail: )

Relevant right now

- Consultation meeting with the public was held on 4 June 2013. Comments and questions received are currently being compiled.

- Consultation with stakeholder groups starts immediately after the holidays. Registration of interest is submitted to Eva-Maria Arvidsson

Preliminary timetable

- The consultation process is expected to last until 15 September 2013

- Submission of the Permit Application before the turn of the year 2013/14