VindIn AB buys wind turbines from Vestas for wind farm in Skutskär

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VindIn AB buys wind turbines from Vestas for wind farm in Skutskär.

VindIn AB, which is owned by a number of energy-intensive companies in Sweden, has signed an agreement with Vestas for the delivery and construction of five Vestas V90-2.0 MW wind turbines with 105 m
tower height to be placed in Skutskär.
- The land where the power plants are located is owned by Stora Enso, one of the owner companies in VindIn, and the electricity to be produced will in a cost-effective way be fed directly to Stora Enso's pulp mill, says Mats Gustavsson, Chairman of VindIn AB and CEO of BasEl AB.

- We are proud and happy that VindIn has chosen Vestas as a supplier for their very first wind power project. This is the beginning of a long-term collaboration and we naturally look very positively at VindIn's future expansion plans. The project in Skutskär is well in line with Vestas' own plans for the Swedish market and we are grateful for the trust that VindIn and the basic industry have shown us, says Klaus Steen Mortensen, CEO of Vestas Northern Europe AB.

The delivery of the works will take place in the coming autumn to be able to be put into full operation during the month of October. The project is the first in a series of planned wind power projects run by VindIn. Expected production in Skutskär is about 30 GWh / year.

In addition to VindIn's owners, the project is financed by the Norwegian bank DnB NOR.
- VindIn also continues to work on the development of other projects with the goal of establishing a total of 1 TWh of wind power production per year for use in the Swedish basic industry, says Mats Gustavsson.

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For further information contact:
Mats Gustavsson, Chairman of the Board of VindIn AB and CEO of BasEl AB, tel. 08-610 15 15, or Anders Lyberg, CEO of VindIn AB tel. 08-625 68 57.

VindIn AB is jointly owned by ten energy-intensive companies in Sweden. The company's business concept is to identify suitable locations and develop, build and operate wind turbines in Scandinavia, with the aim of delivering electricity to the owner companies. The ambition is to start projects within five years that a normal year can produce a tera-watt hour (TWh) of wind power. All owner companies are also partners in BasEl AB. Read more at and