Application for Preem Lysekil submitted

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An application has now been submitted to the Environmental Testing Delegation in Västra Götaland County.

In total, VindIn plans to build seven wind turbines in the area, four on land owned by Preem AB, and three on nearby land with other owners. All the works are planned to be laid on elevation areas in the area, between 40 and 70 m above ground and will mainly be built directly on rock. The planned land use in the area in question is heavy industry and other industries with an environmental impact, as well as protection zones for these.

The most important documents in the application are:


Download the technical description


Download the environmental impact statement

The environmental impact statement describes:

• Presence of ancient remains.

• Description of the natural environment in the area around works and roads; with inventory

of the presence of different bird species and soil flora, as well as the evaluation of the conditions in and around the ponds.

Download the Nature Inventory

• Estimated sound levels

• Estimated shadow frequencies

• Photo montage has been made to visualize the planned works in the surroundings.

Download photo montage

The assessment is that the planned wind turbines should be able to be installed and operated without damaging ancient remains or protective values. The planned wind turbines will be the sound level 40 dB (A) for all properties.

Shadow frequencies in addition to what can be considered acceptable will be counteracted by controlling the operation of the works.


Other relevant links:

The municipality's wind farm plan

Download from Lysekils municipality's website

Lysekil: Wind power and property prices

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At the consultation with residents of Lysekil on the 16 of August, VindIn undertook to report reports describing how wind power establishment can affect property prices in the immediate area. We would like to suggest the following reports:
Report from Svensk Vindenergi sept 2010. “Wind power in sight. How are property prices affected by the establishment of wind power? ”Authors are T Sigurdson, M Lundberg, E Andersson, K Selstam, E Lundberg, C Wilhelmsson at the consulting company ÅF.

Download the report

General information on the impact on property prices in the area as a result of industrial establishment can be seen in an essay: J Winstrand. ”The Effects of a Refinery on Property Values ​​- the Case of Sweden” Working Paper 2009: 10, Department of Economics, Uppsala Universtitet.

Planning of the Preem Lysekil Wind Farm is progressing according to plan

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The following activities are currently in progress:

  • Pre-planning of infrastructure such as roads and cable trenches etc. and connection to existing network
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of effects on fauna, wildlife, birds and conservation of ancient monuments. - a number of investigations are under way in the different areas ..
  • Completion of consultation exhibition with photo montage, maps and other information material for the Open House exhibition