VindIn AB acquires 10 percent of Blekinge Offshore AB

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Tomorrow, Blekinge Offshore AB will submit an application for environmental permits for Sweden's largest offshore wind power project on the 6 December. On the same day, the basic industry's wind power company VindIn AB will sign agreements with Eolus Vind AB and Vingkraft AB to acquire 10 percent of the shares in Blekinge Offshore AB. Herewith invited to a press conference on Monday the 6 December at 11.30 at MMG Marine's premises in Södra hamnen in Nogersund, Sölvesborg. Through the company Blekinge Offshore AB, Eolus Vind AB (publ) and Vingkraft AB, design and development of Sweden, are the largest and one of the world's largest offshore wind power projects Blekinge Offshore, located in Hanöbukten off the coast of Blekinge. VindIn AB, Eolus Vind AB and Vingkraft AB will enter into an agreement tomorrow, December 12,
whereby VindIn acquires a total of 10% of the shares in Blekinge Offshore AB from the current owners Eolus Vind and Vingkraft. The agreement also includes an option for VindIn to acquire an additional 10% of the shares.

- We see VindIn's commitment to the project as a clear signal that we are on the way to realizing Sweden's best offshore wind power project, says Anders Nilsson, Vingkraft AB.
- To realize projects of this size, a variety of skills are required. We are very happy to now have the electricity-intensive Swedish basic industry's wind power company as a partner, says Gustaf Ekberg, CEO of Eolus Vind AB. The project area has been chosen with regard to good wind conditions, reasonable depths, few opposing interests and very good opportunities for electricity connection.

Fully developed, the electricity production from the project could amount to about 8 TWh per year, which can be compared to that Sweden's existing wind turbines are expected to produce just over 3 TWh 2010.
- The project's size and location in southern Sweden with very good connection possibilities to the existing electricity grid means that this project is in good agreement
with our mission to provide our owners with renewable electricity production, says Anders Lyberg, CEO of Vindin AB.

An application for a permit under the Environmental Code is submitted to the Environmental Court in Växjö tomorrow, December 6. The municipalities concerned, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Port of Karlshamn have, in the consultation phase, made a positive contribution to the project. The Armed Forces have been negative to the establishment in their initial opinions.
- By submitting the permit application, a milestone is now passed in the project's development, says Anders Nilsson, Vingkraft AB.
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Press conference will be held in Nogersund on Monday the 6 December at 11.30. Address: MMG Marine Södra Hamnen, Nogersund 294 95 SÖLVESBORG

For further information, please contact:
Anders Lyberg, CEO, VindIn AB Tel: 08 - 625 68
Gustaf Ekberg, CEO, Eolus Vind AB, Tel: 0705 - 54 00
Anders Nilsson, Vingkraft AB, Tel: 0733 - 27 77 96

VindIn AB is a wind power company with a number of energy-intensive companies in Sweden, from among others the mining, steel, paper pulp and chemical industry as a partner (Akzo Nobel, AGA, Billerud, Boliden, Cementa, Holmen, Korsnäs, LKAB, Preem and Stora Enso. ) Together, the companies consume about 20 TWh of electricity per year. VindIn's job is to identify projects with large wind power potential and to participate in the development, construction and operation of these projects in order to supply electricity to the owner companies. All shareholders in Vindin are also part owners of BasEl AB.
More information can be found at Eolus Vind AB (publ) is one of Sweden's leading projectors of wind power plants. Eolus designs, constructs, sells and manages wind power plants that meet high environmental requirements, with good total economy for landowners, investors and shareholders. Eolus has participated in the establishment of about 260 wind turbines.
The Eolus Group's own wind turbines produce about 81 GWh of environmentally friendly electricity. Eolus B-share is traded on NASDAQ OMX First North with Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag as certified advisor. For more information on Eolus, please visit

Vingkraft AB is a Sölvesborg based company with five years experience in the wind power industry. The company has a strong local foundation in Blekinge and the company's focus is to initiate and realize wind farms, primarily in Blekinge and on Öland. 2008 took the company initiative for the Blekinge Offshore project.