NTR new owner of Vindin AB with subsidiaries

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NTR has acquired Vindin AB with subsidiaries.

The acquisition includes the three deployed parks, Trattberget (69 MW) located in Örnsköldsvik municipality, Skutskär (10 MW) located in Älvkarleby municipality and Svalskulla (15 MW), located in Närpe town, Ostrobothnia in western Finland and the project cluster, Norra Vedbo as NTR calculates be able to commission under 2021.

NTR is an investor in sustainable infrastructure and an asset manager who acquires, builds and manages renewable energy projects. NTR has built and commissioned 2 GW in wind power and solar power with a geographical spread across Europe and the USA.

"Vindin's organization is looking forward to working with the new owners NTR in the continued operation of existing parks and the development of Norra Vedbo," says David Timner, CEO of Vindin AB.

The existing Vindin organization and its current contact areas in Sweden and Finland remain unchanged for the time being.

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NTR new owner of Vindin AB and it's subsidiary companies

The investment includes the three operational projects, Trattberget (69 MW) located in the Örnsköldsvik municipality; Skutskär (10 MW) based at the Swedish town's port in Medora Bay; and Svalkulla (15 MW), located in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland, and the development project cluster, Norra Vedbo which NTR expects to bring into operation in 2021.

"The organization of Vindin look forward to work with the new owners NTR, when operating the existing assets and to bring forward the realization of the Norra Vedbo project," says David Timner, CEO Vindin AB.

Existing points of contact that Vindin in Sweden and Finland will continuously remain unchanged.

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