Low noise levels at Svalskulla wind farm

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Noise measurements have been carried out at Svalskulla wind farm in Närpes, which consists of 5 wind turbines. The measurements show that the noise levels are below the applicable guideline values ​​and action limits for noise and are lower than the levels calculated in the planning stage.

VindIn has allowed FCG (Finnish Consulting Group) to carry out a noise measurement at Svalskulla wind farm. The noise measurements have been carried out in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment's instructions 4 / 2014 ”Measurements of noise level from wind turbines at objects exposed ”.

For the power plants planned today, the guide value at night is 40 dB at 8 m / s, regardless of the residential use. The guide value of 8 m / s comes from the fact that at higher wind speeds, the background noise begins to dominate over the sound of the wind turbines.

Measurements were carried out at the nearest home, 1,1 km from the wind farm. In addition, a measuring point was made just 520 meters from the park. This measurement point was intended to be where the calculated value was 40 dBA, but ended up due to the nature of the properties somewhat closer so a value just above 40 dBA could be expected.

When measuring at the nearest home, the noise level was 31,9 dBA, of which the turbines' share of the total noise was about 29 dBA. The values ​​are adjusted to a wind speed of 8 m / s in accordance with the instructions. This meant that neither guideline values ​​nor action limits for noise were exceeded. The guideline values ​​for low-frequency noise were also not exceeded. After a frequency analysis of the noise, it was found that the sound does not contain a high proportion of individual frequencies, which in that case would be perceived as more disturbing.

At the measuring point located just 520 meters from the park, the sound level 39,6 dBA was measured, of which the turbines' share of the total sound was about 38 dBA. The measured level was thus below the level calculated in the planning stage.

  • We see here that the noise levels we measure when the wind turbines are in operation are lower than what was calculated in the planning stage. We have also noted this in measurements made at our large park of 30 wind turbines on Trattberget in Sweden, says Christina Hillforth project director at VindIn.
  • We have not had any complaints about noise from local residents around Svalskulla wind farm and although we have not been worried about increased noise levels, it feels good that we have now also been able to make measurements that ensure this, continues Christina. These are experiences that both we and the authorities benefit from in the future expansion of wind power plants in the region.


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