Information about Sävar

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VindIn AB intends to establish a wind farm comprising approximately 20-40 wind turbines in an area north of Ivarsboda in Umeå and Robertsfors municipalities. The plants are planned to reach a total height of a maximum of 200 meters and have an installed capacity of approximately 2-4 MW / plant. The establishment will tentatively take place within 1-3 years.

Basis for consultation in Ivarsboda-Gryssjön

VindIn AB has applied for a permit in accordance with Chapter 9. the Environmental Code for the planned activities. For electricity connection of the wind farm, permits will be sought according to the Electricity Act, so-called network concession for line. As part of the permit process, consultation with those who may be affected is now being carried out. The purpose of the consultation is to inform at an early stage about the planned activities and to gather views and further knowledge for the continued work on establishing the application.

The land within the investigation area is partly owned by VindIn through its owner company and partly by private landowners with whom VindIn signed an agreement.

Wind data from the energy authority shows good wind potential in the investigation area. Due to the good wind conditions in the area, the Swedish Energy Agency, in consultation with the county administrative boards, has pointed out the area as a national interest for wind farms.

More information including photo montage, maps and consultation material