Fortum buys wind power company in Ostrobothnia

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Fortum Power and Heat Oy buys 6 wind power company in Ostrobothnia and at the same time is closely cooperating with Vindin Ab / Oy.

Through the deal, Fortum becomes the owner of the following wind power company Vindin Pörtom Ab / Oy, Vindin Kalax Ab / Oy, Vindin Pjelax Ab / Oy, Vindin Böle Ab / Oy, Vindin Poikel Ab / Oy, Vindin Molpe Ab / Oy. All wind power companies still carry out project development and investment decisions to build the wind farms can only be taken when necessary permits have gained legal force.

The wind will continue to be responsible for the development of all the above listed wind farms strengthened by the broad expertise that is available within Fortum.

”Vindin maintains its operations in Närpes in the form of offices, organization and commitment to develop wind power in Ostrobothnia. Through close cooperation with Fortum, we further strengthen the possibilities of deploying all the parks that Vindin initiated in Ostrobothnia, ”says Christina Hillforth, Project Director Vindin.

“We appreciate Vindin's good experiences from developing wind power projects in close cooperation with local landowners and other actors. Together with Vindin, we want to maintain a good working spirit and develop renewable electricity production in Närpes, Korsnäs and Malax. Fortum is investing today in building wind power in Sweden and in Norway, and hopefully soon in Southern Ostrobothnia, ”says Mikko Iso-Tryykäri, Development Manager at Fortum Wind.

”Vindin chose to enter into cooperation with Fortum as they, like Vindin's owner company, safeguard sustainable development and renewable electricity production. In addition, Fortum, as a large and recognized Finnish power operator, also has a good and important knowledge of the Finnish electricity market. Through the development of cost-effective wind power, we create global competitiveness for our owner companies, based in the Nordic region, ”says Mats Gustavsson, Chairman of the Board, Vindin Ab / Oy.

For more information, contact Christina Hillforth, Project Director Vindin Ab / Oy,, + 46 709 577 or Mikko Iso-Tryykäri, Development Manager Fortum Wind,, 537 050 453