On October 12, VindIn opens in a wind farm in Närpes, Ostrobothnia

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Vindin inaugurates the Svalskulla wind farm in Pjelax

We are happy and proud to get inaugurated wind power park Svalskulla in Pjelax

VindIn Svalskulla Ab / Oy, which is owned by electricity-intensive companies with large operations in Sweden and Finland, is now inaugurating Svalskulla wind farm south-east of Närpes city.

The Svalskulla wind farm is the first in a series of VindIn's planned wind farms in South Ostrobothnia to be put into operation. With its five turbines of 3 MW, of the Vestas brand, Svalskulla will also be the largest wind farm to date in the region. The wind farm is expected to generate almost 50 MWh of electricity per year.

For further information contact:

Gunnar Lager, Project manager establishing wind farm Svalskulla
Email: gunnar.lager@vindin.se Tel: + 46 70 580 52

Christina Hillforth Project director development and Board member VindIn Svalskulla Ab / Oy
E-mail: christina.hillforth@vindin.se Tel: +46 709 577 537