Low noise levels at Svalskulla wind farm

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Noise measurements have been carried out at Svalskulla wind farm in Närpes, which consists of 5 wind turbines. The measurements show that the noise levels are below the current guideline values ​​and action limits for noise and are lower than the levels calculated in the planning stage. VindIn has let FCG (Finnish… continued

Visit the Svalskulla wind farm

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It has now been six months since Svalskulla wind farm was inaugurated in the city of Närpes. Due to this, we want to offer you an opportunity to experience a modern wind farm in full operation. In addition to information about Svalskulla wind farm, opportunities will be provided… continued

VindIn and Metsä Board jointly investigate the conditions and opportunities for long-term electricity grid cooperation

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VindIn develops wind power in South Ostrobothnia. Behind VindIn are some of the Nordic region's most electricity-intensive and capital-intensive industrial companies. The company's strategy is to operate its own wind farms for at least 20 years to increase the supply of renewable electricity in the Nordic market. … continued

VindIn invests in Ostrobothnia

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Press release 2013-11-12 VindIn's owners have decided to invest in Svalskulla wind power project. It is the first in a series of wind power investments in the city of Närpes. In addition to Svalskulla, planned investments are divided into six wind farms of varying sizes. Svalskulla wind farm is an investment of about 25… continued

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