NTR new owner of Vindin AB with subsidiaries

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NTR has acquired Vindin AB with subsidiaries. The acquisition includes the three operational parks, Trattberget (69 MW) located in Örnsköldsvik municipality, Skutskär (10 MW) located in Älvkarleby municipality and Svalskulla (15 MW), located in the city of Närpes, Ostrobothnia in western Finland and… continued

New CEO of Vindin AB

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David Timner will take over as CEO of Vindin AB on 1 / 1. Current CEO Anders Lyberg retires on the same date. David has been CFO at Vindin since 2018.

Fortum buys wind power company in Ostrobothnia

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Fortum Power and Heat Oy buys 6 wind power companies in Ostrobothnia and at the same time enters into a close collaboration with Vindin Ab / Oy. Through the transaction, Fortum becomes the owner of the following wind power companies Vindin Pörtom Ab / Oy, Vindin Kalax Ab / Oy, Vindin Pjelax Ab / Oy, Vindin Böle Ab / Oy, Vindin Poikel… continued

Low noise levels at Svalskulla wind farm

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Noise measurements have been carried out at Svalskulla wind farm in Närpes, which consists of 5 wind turbines. The measurements show that the noise levels are below the current guideline values ​​and action limits for noise and are lower than the levels calculated in the planning stage. VindIn has let FCG (Finnish… continued

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