Visit the Svalskulla wind farm

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Now it has been half a year since the Svalskulla wind farm was inaugurated in Närpes city. With this in mind, we want to offer you an opportunity to experience a modern wind farm in full operation.

In addition to information about the Svalskulla wind farm, opportunities will be given to discuss local experiences and experiences from the establishment of the park with, among other things. local residents and members of the local hunting team. Representatives from Dynamo business development and Närpe's city will also be in place to answer questions.

At different distances from the turbines, you will get out of the bus to experience with your own eyes and ears and measure the noise level from the wind turbines.

The visit is arranged in the form of a common bus tour at 3's various occasions and collection points. Subscribe to the opportunity that suits you best.

Date(s) Meeting place Departure Return
2015-04-14 Kalax school 17:30 20:30
2015-04-15 Porte Borg 17:00 21:00
2015-04-16 Malax Municipality 16:00 22:00
Petalax High School 16:30 21:30
Molpe school 16:45 21:15
Korsnäs UF 17:00 21:00


Reporting no later than 7 April to: or by phone to Allan Nyholm 0400-261440.

Enter: Name, date and collection point

During the trip, we offer easier eating in the form of sandwiches and coffee.