New CEO of Vindin AB

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David Timner will take over as CEO of Vindin AB on 1 / 1. Current CEO Anders Lyberg retires on the same date. David has been CFO at Vindin since 2018.

Low noise levels at Svalskulla wind farm

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Noise measurements have been made at Svalskulla wind farm in Närpes, which consists of 5 wind turbines. The measurements show that the noise levels are below the applicable guideline values ​​and action limits for noise and are lower than the levels calculated in the planning stage. VindIn has allowed FCG (Finnish… continued

Visit the Svalskulla wind farm

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Now it has been half a year since the Svalskulla wind farm was inaugurated in Närpes city. With this in mind, we want to offer you an opportunity to experience a modern wind farm in full operation. In addition to information about Svalskulla wind farm, opportunities will be given to… continued

Granted management concession from the Energy Market Inspectorate

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Umeå Energi Elnät AB has been granted concessions for the intended management to connect the wind farm. The concession is conditional on the legal force gained permission for VindIns wind power park, Ivarsboda-Gryssjön (project Sävar). 145 kV The line is planned to be installed as an overhead line from the southern part… continued

Decision on permission - County Administrative Board Västerbotten

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Decisions on permits for the construction and operation of wind power plants at Ivarsboda / Gryssjön within Umeå and the municipalities of Robertsfors were notified to 2014-04-10 (VindIn project Sävar). (Designation 551-1182-2012, archive designation 2409-51-128) - Download the decision here: VindIn AB_Author for wind power Ivarsboda-Gryssjön. Appendix to the project area: Appendix 1… continued

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