New CEO of Vindin AB

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David Timner will take over as CEO of Vindin AB on 1 / 1. Current CEO Anders Lyberg retires on the same date. David has been CFO at Vindin since 2018.

Low noise levels at Svalskulla wind farm

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Noise measurements have been carried out at Svalskulla wind farm in Närpes, which consists of 5 wind turbines. The measurements show that the noise levels are below the current guideline values ​​and action limits for noise and are lower than the levels calculated in the planning stage. VindIn has let FCG (Finnish… continued

Visit the Svalskulla wind farm

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It has now been six months since Svalskulla wind farm was inaugurated in the city of Närpes. Due to this, we want to offer you an opportunity to experience a modern wind farm in full operation. In addition to information about Svalskulla wind farm, opportunities will be provided… continued

Granted management concession from the Energy Market Inspectorate

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Umeå Energi Elnät AB has been granted concessions for the intended pipeline that will connect the wind farm. The concession is conditional on a legally acquired permit for VindIn's wind farm, Ivarsboda-Gryssjön (project Sävar). 145 kV The line is planned to be constructed as an overhead line from the southern part… continued

Decision on permit - Västerbotten County Administrative Board

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Decisions on permits for the construction and operation of wind turbines at Ivarsboda / Gryssjön within the municipalities of Umeå and Robertsfors were announced on 2014 April 04 (VindIn project Sävar). (Case designation 10-551-1182, archive designation 2012-2409-51) - Download the decision here: VindIn AB_Permission for wind power Ivarsboda-Gryssjön. Appendix with the project area: Appendix 128… continued

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